Monday, March 19, 2007

Character-building message acceptable...unless the messengers happen to be Christian

This story is about a week old, but I felt it important to cover it anyway, in case you hadn't heard about it from another source. It seems that now we have gotten to the point that not only can't a Christian group come into a school to give a religious message, they can't even come in and give a secular message! This according to a recent editorial in the Ames Tribune, written in response to the appearance of the Power Team at Ames Middle School.

This view was shared by Iowa state Representative, Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, who claims to be a Christian, but says, "we would not endorse this interpretation of Christianity." What "interpretation" of Christianity is that, Representative? Biblical Christianity? She also said, "not every family attending the Ames Middle School is a Christian. This assembly definitely verges on a civil rights violation."

Wow! A civil rights violation?! That's pretty serious! Explain to me again, Representative, how bringing a positive, character-building, non-religious message "verges on a civil rights violation"? I think I can say with some certainty that you won't see a "civil rights violation" when the homosexual agenda is shoved down the students' throats. After all, didn't you vote for the "Bully Bill", which will do just that?

The Tribune made the statement that, "(Superintendent) Beyea is right in that the schools do have enough on their hands just fulfilling their own mission." you suppose they would say that if the object of controversy was an assembly bringing a message of tolerance for homosexuality conducted by GLSEN, GLBT Youth in Iowa Schools Task Force, or a school's Gay-Straight Alliance? Not likely! You see, such platitudes are only applicable when the secular left disagrees with your position. They have no problem finding a place for indoctrination they support.

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