Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Homosexuality is a civil right?

Tomorrow is designated "Civil Rights Lobby Day" at the Iowa Capitol by the groups pushing the homosexual agenda. Wake up folks! Our rights and liberties are fading away with each new piece of legislation that writes homosexuality (specifically "sexual orientation" and "gender identity") into law. Schools are indoctrinating students into this lifestyle without giving parents an opportunity to opt their kids out. Employees who don't accept the celebration of homosexuality are being disciplined and fired. Public officials who say homosexual acts are immoral are attacked, and their resignation is often demanded. And it will only get worse.

If this law passes, employers will be unable to prevent male employees from dressing and making themselves up to look like females, churches and other religious institutions will be forced to hire individuals who--contrary to the beliefs of the institution--are in the homosexual lifestyle (with the only exception being for positions that have "bona fide" religious qualifications), and public establishments may be required to provide a third (or fourth) restroom for those who claim a different sexual identity than that with which they were born.

If you are opposed to making homosexuality a civil right, and all that will result from that, contact your legislator as soon as possible. The bill in question is SF427 / HF603.

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