Friday, March 2, 2007

A sad commentary on our society.

I happened to see a portion of Anna Nicole Smith's funeral while working out at the gym. In a lavish procession that seemed more fitting for a head of state than the star of a reality show, her body was taken to its final resting place

Despite living an immoral lifestyle, Anna was idolized by many. At her funeral, some in the crowd even shouted, "Anna! Anna! We love you!", as her body passed by.

The cable news networks have covered the Anna Nicole Smith story virtually wall-to-wall, 24/7 ever since she died. It is no wonder that more people know who she is than who the vice president of our country is!

What is it about celebrities--even ones that lead an immoral lifestyle--that draws people like moths to a flame, and makes them crave the type of media coverage given to Anna Nicole? Are these celebrities the kind of people we should be looking up to as role models? Exactly what is it about Anna that makes her so admirable to so many? Was it her wealth, her looks, or the fact that she lived life on her own terms--without much concern about right or wrong?

My guess is that it is the last choice. Man is rebellious by nature. Submission and obedience do not come easily for us. By nature, we want to live our lives as we choose, without anyone setting any rules or boundaries for us. When we see someone who has lived her life that way, many find it admirable.

I think it is a sad commentary that so many people are so obsessed with celebrities, when they could be focusing that time and effort on their own lives and being concerned with worthy causes and with real people in their own communities who would benefit from their efforts.

What I'm saying is that we should live in our own reality, not that of some self-obsessed, egotistic "celebrity" who is more fantasy than reality. If more people would spend as much time working on the details of their own lives as they do wanting to know every detail of a celebrity's life, our society would be much better off.

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Pippin said...

I'm getting really tired of seeing Anna Nicole Smith on almost every single channel on T.V. I mean, who cares? Who cares who the father of her child is? Who cares where she gets buried? Who cares? I don't think we should be so obsessed with her. She's just a person. She's still a sinner. She's not that great where the whole country needs to be obsessed with her and her death and burial. We should be more obsessed with sharing the Gospel with unbelievers and about living for Christ. It's a very sick, sick world when everyone thinks real highly of one person when they haven't really done anything worthy. That is what our world has come to. I think people are obsessing over her more since she died than when she was alive. That's even more sad. ~pippin