Thursday, March 8, 2007

Not to further muddy the waters, but...

John Cox is a long-shot candidate, but one who also deserves a look from conservatives. I've been impressed every time I have heard him talk. I think I am on the same page with him on just about all the issues.


Anonymous said...

Loser. Nobody. Unknown.

Try Hunter, Tancredo or Huckabee instead.

The Activist said...

Well, I don't think I would classify him as a "loser" or a "nobody"; that's kind of harsh. I will grant that he is not as well-known as the other candidates, though it seems to me that he has spent more time in Iowa than the other three candidates you mentioned combined. And, he has impressed Steve Deace (WHO Radio's "Deace in the Afternoon") enough that he is willing to give him air time every week or two. Deace says Cox is the only candidate who will deal with specifics on the issues.

If having the greatest amount of national name recognition were the main criterion we used in selecting a candidate, we would have to limit our choices to Rudy, Mitt, and John.