Thursday, March 1, 2007

Huckabee just might have a chance...

Is Mike Huckabee now a "top-tier" presidential candidate? Read the article at the link below and decide.

Congressman says Huckabee a top-tier GOP candidate


Pippin said...

I LOVE Mike Huckabee!!!! He's awesome! He's the kind of candidate we want. A pro-life, pro-marriage kind of guy. Perfect for the White House.

Anonymous said...

I was just with Mike Huckabee in Colorado for a conference at Focus on the Family. His speech was the best I've heard so far ... better than any of the other speeches of his I've heard and better than Mitt Romney's, Tommy Thompson's, and John McCain's stump speeches.

Unlike other talks I've heard him give (which were, nonetheless, pretty good) this speech continued to build and build and build until the climax of his message which was at the end. His daughter told me she's noticed his speeches improving dramatically in the past few weeks.

Huckabee is for real and has my vote - he's a social conservative who isn't only touting his socially conservative agenda, but is able to speak on mainstream issues from a conservative perspective.

You should vote for him, too!

The Activist said...

I was impressed with Huckabee when I saw him in Des Moines a few weeks back, but I have been hearing good things about Tom Tancredo, too. Some are saying he has the most consistent and conservative record of any of the candidates. I think Huckabee is a great candidate, but I want to check out Tancredo before making a final decision. He is supposed to be calling me in the near future.

I worked on the Vander Plaats for Governor campaign. Bob and two of his higher level workers are each supporting a different candidate--Huckabee, Tancredo, and Brownback! It doesn't make my decision any easier when three men who I trust and respect, who are very conservative, and who have more inside knowledge of the candidates and the process than I do are all supporting different candidates!

We are blessed to have good, conservative candidates to choose from. Now, if we can just persuade our fellow Republicans to vote for the best candidate, and not worry so much about the perceived "electability" rating assigned by the pundits. We don't want to end up with a Guiliani at the top of our ticket just because he is supposedly the most electable! The electability factor is one of the things that plagued Vander Plaats, and explains why he didn't have more support from the party leaders and activists. In retrospect (though I felt this way from the beginning--no Wednesday morning quarterbacking here!), he was probably more electable than Nussle.

candyman said...

I hope Christian conservatives around Iowa rally around Huckabee rather than Tancredo or Brownback.

Tancredo was recently described to me months ago by a political big wheel in Colorado (Tancredo's home state) who also knows Iowa politics as "further right and more controversial than Steve King." Now, I like King - a lot - but I'm not sure someone further right and more controversial than him is electable in a nationwide race for president.

I like Brownback, too - in fact I'm on board with him more than I am with 95% of the rest of the Republican candidates - but he is B-O-R-I-N-G and he says "uh" all the time in his speeches. I know that's superficial, but unfortunately the American electorate is superficial, too - and they won't vote for him.

If conservative Christians in Iowa rally around the one of the three who has the best shot at winning, he just might!


Big-killer said...

I really like Congressman Tancredo ... I saw him speak in 2005 and he inspired me to get active in the political realm and the Republican party in particular.

I have heard nothing bad about Senator Brownback either. And like the previous poster I have friends and people I admire supporting each of these three candidates.

Of the three I have to support Gov Huckabee, even if for no other reason than he has been a CEO (Governor) and is running for a CEO (President) position. I believe that a serving senator has been elected President only twice in the last 100 years; I do not know when, if ever, a sitting congrssman has been elected President.

I would encourage everyone to give all of the candidates a could listening and ask the hard questions and make a solid and informed decision.