Tuesday, February 27, 2007

1984 is closer than you think

Please read the story at the link below:

Man files lawsuit claiming harassment based on sexual orientation

I don't know what the true facts are in this case, but the below statement is what concerns me the most.

"He also is asking that Emco be ordered to undergo sensitivity training and to remove supervisors who engaged in harassment."

You see, it is not enough that someone is punished for a wrongdoing. They also want the offenders to be sent off to a re-education camp, so they will be taught to think like the State wants them to think.

It is a scary thing when not only is behavior punished, but "wrong" thoughts are punished as well. This is why many of us were opposed to the "Bully Bill", "Hate Crimes" legislation, etc. These laws are not about protecting homosexuals, but rather forcing the rest of us to accept homosexuality.

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