Sunday, February 25, 2007

Doris Kelley...This is representing her constituents?

Representative Doris Kelley (House District 20) has said both publicly, and in private e-mails, that she was going to vote according to what her constituents wanted. In fact, here is a statement from an e-mail she sent to one of her constituents in regard to SF162, the "Clone and Kill" bill:

"While I am supportive, my vote will be based on constituent feedback. I am here to represent District 20 and not my personal beliefs."

Interestingly enough, according the poll she conducted on her website concerning the "Bully Bill" (SF61), 60% of her constituents were against the bill. Yet, she voted in favor of it. Could it have anything to do with the fact that she received several $1,000 contributions (and several more ranging from $100 to $500) from out-of-state homosexual activists?

Now, I know online polls are not scientific, but she is the one who claimed she was going to use it as a method of determining where her constituents are on the issues. She should either keep her word, or eliminate the online poll.

You somewhat expect this at the federal level, but it is a disgrace to have state politicians receiving money from out-of-state special interests, then voting as those special interests demand, rather than representing their constituency. It is an outrage to think that rich, out-of-state contributors are buying the votes of our legislators in Des Moines. And Rep. Kelley is not the only one. So far, we have identified at least three other Democrats who have received contributions from this same group of people.

See Atlantic Monthly Online article: They Won't Know What Hit Them

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