Monday, February 26, 2007

Homosexual Indoctrination in Schools

With the passage of SF 61 (the "Bully Bill"), you will start to see kids indoctrinated into thinking that homosexuality is just as valid and normal as heterosexuality. Click on the link below to see how this is starting to happen, with parents not having the opportunity to opt their kids out of such "teaching". With SF 61, even Christian schools in Iowa are not immune. It seems the only way to escape this is to homeschool your kids.

Judge orders 'gay' agenda taught to Christian children.

I would like to gather information about any instances of the religious freedom or freedom of speech rights of Christian students being violated. If you know anyone who has kids in public schools, please ask them to ask their kids to let them know if they observe such things happening. The only way to wake people up on this issue is with real-life examples from local schools.

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Pippin said...

I recently saw two movies where kids were bullied but they wouldn't fit into the categories of the new bully bill just passed. One movie had kids who got bullied because they were gothic and the other movie had two kids who got bullied. It was because one was new to the school and one was poor. There are probably more of these kind of kids who will get bullied in our schools than gay kids who are now protected. And now schools are teaching kids that homosexuality is okay. Even Christian schools will have to make sure not to offend any gay person. So if there is was a gay kid at the Christian academy that I'm enrolled at, and that kid felt harassed, the school would have to go against its' beliefs and say that homosexuality is right when they really believe that it's wrong. Very, very sad. Also, a lot more kids will get bullied because of their body size than gay kids. How can the legislators who voted for this bill not see that there are a lot more categories of kids that are more likely to get bullied than the one just added to this bill?