Monday, February 26, 2007

All he wanted to do was have some fun...

Self-described "pro-life" Democrat Brian Quirk (House District 15) did an about face on his position on the "Clone and Kill" bill last week after receiving a phone call from rocker Sheryl Crow. Representative Quirk had reportedly told several of his constituents, as well as his priest, that he would vote against the bill. After hearing from Miss Crow, however, he changed his mind.

Quirk said it was not the call from Crow that changed his mind, but the pleas at the hearing last Wednesday night from people looking for "hope" in finding cures for various maladies afflicting them or their loved ones. However, Quirk had surely heard those types of pleas over and over prior to the hearing; the new variable was the call from Crow, during which, according to reliable sources, she promised to make an appearance during his next campaign, in exchange for his vote on this bill.

C'mon, Brian, we're not stupid! Do you really expect us to believe just hearing more of the same kinds of pleas changed your mind, and getting a call from an attractive female rock star had no influence on you? Those of us out here who are male aren't buying it.

If it was truly the testimonies at the hearing that changed your mind, perhaps it wouldn't have been changed if you and the rest of your Democrat colleagues had been in chamber for the first 1 1/2 hours of the hearing, when most of the opponents of the bill spoke. Or maybe that was when Sheryl called, and you put her on speaker phone in a conference room so the rest of your caucus members could listen in. I guess that's more fun than sitting in a hearing listening to constituents speak the truth.

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