Thursday, September 6, 2007

Liberal hypocrisy....or is that being redundant?

Aren't many of the Democrat congressmen who are calling for action to be taken against Larry Craig some of the same ones who, during Clinton's White House sex scandal, said it was none of anyone's business what Bill Clinton did in his private life?

I'm certainly not defending Craig's actions. If he is guilty, I'm all for him facing the consequences. I'm just saying let's make sure we apply the same standards to everyone.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's Only a Big Deal If a Republican Does It, I Guess...

Many of you reading this will have heard of the homosexual scandal involving Larry Craig (R-Idaho). However, there is another story out of Florida that you may not have heard about.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle has been attempting to crack down on homosexual sex in public bathrooms, the very offense with which Larry Craig was charged. Not only is there very little national media coverage of this, but the mayor, rather than being lauded for his efforts, is being attacked from various quarters. Story here.

Of course, you would expect the homosexual community to be vociferous in their opposition, and they are. In fact, they are calling for his resignation, merely because he is enforcing the law! To see his apology to the community for not being aware of the problem earlier, select the video entitled "Mayor Naugle, other speakers attack gay sex" (little bit of spin in that headline!) at this site. There are other videos about this story you will want to watch, including a very angry, disruptive, and disrespectful person trying to prevent Janet Folger from speaking.

I can understand why the homosexual activists want to get rid of the mayor (and silence anyone else who stands with him and speaks out against this). He is bringing attention to this perverse homosexual behavior, which is commonplace, that would lose them support from many of their allies, and energize opposition from the complacent public, if they became aware of it.

But it gets worse. The county commissioners of Broward County voted unanimously to remove Mayor Naugle from the Tourism Development Council, citing fears that his remarks about the rampant illegal sexual activity and his vows to clean it up would result in lost tourism dollars. Click on the video link at this site to see the commission's comments and vote. Read the story here.

Just another example of the Almighty Dollar triumphing over right, although I'm sure some of the commissioners don't see anything wrong with having homosexual sex in public restrooms. So what if a child might walk in on the middle of it. As long as the county doesn't lose the gay tourists, everything will be just fine.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Hardee's Is At It Again!

Last night I was watching the local news with my daughter, and all of a sudden a commercial came on that could be described only as disgusting at best, soft-porn at worst. I didn't want to watch it, nor did my daughter, so I changed channels, then changed back again to see whose commercial it was. I had a pretty good idea, and I was right. Hardee's. They were advertising their sandwich with the "flat buns", so that gives you some idea where they went with that! Let's just say there was a very attractive female teacher and some high-school boys involved.

They are becoming infamous for their commercials that push the sexual envelope, including one previously with bad girl Paris Hilton. They have aired five or six commercials in the past, that I'm aware of, that have over-the-top sexual content.

I won't post the videos here, but if you go to YouTube and search for either Hardee's or Carl's Jr. (their brand name out west), you will find them.

I encourage parents and everyone else who cares about keeping our broadcast channels free from this kind of filth to boycott Hardee's, and call your local store manager, as well as the corporate headquarters, to let them know what you think about this kind of commercial.